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A Complete Guide to Opening A Medical Clinic in Malaysia

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Ever since the pandemic, we’ve seen a decline in the number of clinics in Malaysia. That number is now ready to bounce back as economic conditions recover. If you’re one of the few people looking to open your own medical practice and serve your community, you’ve come to the right place.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about opening a medical clinic in Malaysia. This includes the legal department, getting the necessary licenses and permits, registering your company, assessing business costs for potential loans, sourcing medical equipment and more.

Private Clinic Landscape in Malaysia

As Malaysia’s private healthcare sector expected to boom, reaching nearly RM50 trillion by 2027, there’s a lor of potential for those looking to start their own clinic. This uptick isn’t just numbers; it’s a clear sign of the growing need for private medical services and the chance for new clinics to meet this demand. Knowing your way around the legal and regulatory hoops is crucial to tap into this opportunity and set your clinic apart in Malaysia’s evolving healthcare scene.

Plus, with Hypercharge offering a leg up to SMEs to market their clinics, it’s clear there’s support out there to help you navigate the complex process of setting up. By using these services, clinic owners can get an advantage to their online visibility, ultimately leading to long-term success.


Legal and Regulatory Requirements

The Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act 1998 is crucial in setting up private clinics in Malaysia. It lays down the must-follow rules and conditions to make sure clinics provide safe and top-notch healthcare. For starters, the act outlines that anyone wanting to start a clinic has to be a registered doctor. This shows how vital it is to have qualified professionals in charge. Plus, it’s important for clinics to pass a check-up by the Malaysian Private Medical Practice Control Section (CKAPS) to ensure the place is clean and safe.

After clearing those requirements, only then can you register your business with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) under the Registration of Business Act 1956. This is so your clinic is recognized under the government and enables everything you need for operations, from hiring to taxes.

Attempting to run a clinic without a proper license in Malaysia can land you in hot water, with heavy fines and even jail time for both individuals and companies. Following all the legal and regulatory guidelines keeps your clinic’s good name and integrity on point.

Licensing and Permits

For private clinics in Malaysia, getting all the right licenses and permits is important to run things smoothly. You’ve got your basic ones like premise and signboard licenses to make sure your clinic’s spot and signs are in line. Not to forget the healthcare specific documents like the Annual Practicing Certificate from the Malaysian Medical Council and all the paperwork for handling clinical waste and keeping bugs at bay. 

  • Annual Practicing Certificate from the MMC
  • Certificate of registration via Borang A
  • Updated clinical waste disposal documentation
  • Updated vector control documentation

Steps to Set Up a Clinic in Malaysia

Medical school typically don’t prepare their students with the business acumen they need if they ever choose to open their own clinic. A lot of what goes into setting up your clinic is similar to a lot of other businesses. If you know someone with a business, it won’t hurt asking for advice to make your business plan.

Coming into the process with confidence and firm direction will help you get through and successfully set up your very own medical practice.

Step One: Cost Estimation for Clinic Setup

Estimate the upfront costs to set up your clinic will be the baseline of your cashflow in the future. You need to make sure these numbers will be stable while you clinic is in operation for the first few years. It’s very likely that you’ll be paying things off before you finances ease up.

Most private clinics can start anywhere from RM300,000 to RM500,000. That includes getting the space or building, renovating it to suit your needs, equipping your clinic with medical supplies like specialized tools and technology as well as overhead administration costs. You can’t have any surprises for this hefty sum, and financial planning will be the key for your clinic to succeed.

Don’t just focus on startup costs though, you have to keep an eye on ongoing costs like paying your staff, marketing and keeping stock of medicine.

Step Two: Clinic Design and Layout

Interior of Doctors Office in Modern Clinic

Designing and setting up your clinic is crucial in making it a welcoming and top-notch spot for patients. A clean and functional design will build trust and confidence in your patients. Think about where your medicine dispensing desk placed, the kind of facilities you have and equipment you need to store for easy access. 

If your clinic is in a hot spot with many people passing by and it’s easy to get to, you’ll probably see more customers walking in. Plus, the way your clinic looks inside should really reflect your brand’s style and make patients feel relaxed and at ease.

Step Three: Source the Equipment and Supplies You Need

Modern ultrasound machine, scanners and sensors close-up. Medical equipment in the clinic.

In setting up your clinic in Malaysia, it’s super important to get all the right medical gadgets and supplies to give top-notch care to your patients. This means getting your hands on the best diagnostic and treatment tools, comfy medical furniture, and all the essential stuff like meds, bandages, and other bits and bobs. Getting sophisticated diagnostic machines like X-rays, ultrasound, and ECG monitors can really expand the range of conditions your clinic can help with. As long as you weigh it against the financing terms.

Step Four: Staffing and Hiring Process

Assuming you already have the clinic director as part of your founding team, you need to expand your team to be able to serve your clinic’s capacity. You want avoid long wait times for patients, overworked medical staff or an empty doctor’s office. First oversee the overall treatment plans and work backwards from there to see who you need to bring in to have quality treatments. Do you need to bring in another specialist? How many medical assistants can you hire to handle more general care? Consider these questions while you’re staffing.

Not to mention your administrative staff, like a front desk receptionist who will handle your appointments, records and billing. If finances aren’t your strong suit or you just prefer to focus on patient care, take into account that you might want a bookkeeper as well.

You might even need to consider an in-house marketer or a small agency like Hypercharge to help you advertise your services. Depending on what your strongest channels, it’s worth looking into areas of investment to consistently generate a flow of patients.

Don’t forget that as an employer, you have obligations to your employees such as EPF, SOCSO, EIS and Human Resources Development Fund.

Setting up a clinic is only the first step!

Navigating the waters of setting up a clinic in Malaysia involves key legal, financial, and operational aspects that doctors and healthcare entrepreneurs need get right to ensure everything is above board and thriving. As long as your clinic follows legal compliance and you exercise reasonable caution with your financial planning, you have essentially set up yourself to succeed in the future.

Once you’re ready to grow, you can look into expanding your service offerings, the area you serve and even invest in long term marketing for your clinic. At Hypercharge, we specialize healthcare SEO and digital marketing, with different packages suited to your needs.

Read our case studies to learn more about how we’ve helped clinics get more calls, increase their foot traffic and boost their local online visibility. Get a free Google audit today!

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